About Our Firm


Building Designers

Since 1977

CHARLES GIERMAN ASSOCIATES was founded on the conviction that unique designs and construction can work in harmony.

The firm was established in 1977 by Charles Gierman to provide nationally, residential and commercial clients with the benefits of having every project directed by a vision.

With over 40 years of experience, our plans are precise, value engineered and comprehensive.

We look forward to any request or comments you may have.

We are located in the Hill County, Texas

But we have done homes all across the US.

Charles Gierman


2 responses to About Our Firm

  1. Charles,you and your firm designed my home about 14 years ago at 705 Pecan Crossing, Drive about 14 years ago and we are interested in a new house design. We were very pleased with the completion and wanted to inquire about your availability. WEBoisvert

    • charles gierman associates says:

      Yes, I would be interested in designing your new home. What is your time frame and where are you going to build the new home?

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